September 9, 2022
Elliot Kairo

One Person Business Ideas: 10 Approved Ways to Become a Businessperson

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    Modern society is built on companies and corporate culture. A natural need to set up groups for solving problems is brought by people through all ages. It does not make you follow the crowd. Even with a firm willingness to be independent, you can earn enough money to become a valuable member of a community. We have gathered some popular and easy one person business ideas into a single list. Take a look and begin fulfilling your dream.

    One Man Business Ideas: Traditional Masculine Businesses

    A new age of absolute equality has come. Boundaries between sexes and their traditional roles disappear. Some occupations are still more preferable for men. Here are some of these “one man business ideas”.

    Building and repair company 

    If you have skilful fingers and know how to build a house, you can open a local construction office. Small repairs or improvements of utility and home are exactly what all people need from time to time. Usually, it is more convenient to call a local master. A few ads on the local Internet forum and you will have a good number of clients. As for expenses, you’ll have to get a car or a truck, some instruments and pass through some training to improve your skills.

    PC repair master 

    Are you an expert on computers and gadgets? You have got an opportunity to start a profitable business. Get some instruments and consumables and begin repairing computers, phones and tablets. This job can be ideal for distant towns or communities. You can work from a small office or even home. 

    Gardening and landscape design 

    The majority of articles entitled with “I own my own business ideas” mention this sphere. There is not so much for you to know. Mind the features of local climate or pass some short design courses. You’ll need a vehicle and some instruments. Once you set up the reputation, you will never face an absence of clients. 

    Tailoring or shoemaking 

    In the past these specialisations were traditionally masculine. Now big companies and factories made clothes and shoes cheap. Talented men still have a chance to start own business in this sphere. Fashion for handmade things will never die. Training courses are affordable. A workshop must not be roomy. Add some expenses for consumables and materials, and you will open your private business. 

    Vehicle repair service 

    This business remains one where it is difficult to imagine many women. But it is still a job one person is capable of starting. Expect relatively significant expenses for equipment, rent and licensing. If you are capable of getting reputation and acknowledgement, you’ll get to the top. 

    Own Business Ideas: 5 Ways to Go beyond The Limits

    Sometimes it is hard to believe you are capable of beginning your own business. But if you take a brief look at the history of many successful companies, you will notice that a single person started them. Who said you would inevitably fail? All you need is a bit of luck, a fresh idea and diligent work. Here are some never dying one person business ideas for you. Choose the best for yourself and never mind all obstacles. 

    Online shop 

    One person can master running a simple site and stocktaking. Trading has gone online and became easier.  You can create your own goods if you are an expert of hand making or cooking or resell something. There are many aspects to consider to make your shop lucrative. Be prepared for variable expenses.  A lot of people can make it. Why can’t you?

    Running a site or a blog 

    Do you feel you can tell people something interesting? Convert your abilities into a business. The ways of making a popular blog or promoting a site are numerous. If you manage to get a sufficient number of fans, partnership and advertising offers will not make you wait for too long.


    A willing to be beautiful is constant. Being a personal coach or owning a small fitness centre is one of great one man business ideas. Depending on the situation, you can face micro expenses or waste a big sum. You do not require a business plan. Just be healthy and be an example for people. In some time you can develop a startup and pass through some crucial training or courses. 

    Holiday and wedding arrangement 

    This is a naturally feminine business, opposing to the first part of the article. And it can be successful and viable. Lots of useful connections, stress resistance, ability to find a way out of unpredictable situations, politeness, and empathy are the aspects of your luck. Once you gain positive feedback, you’ll never lose clients. 


    This is one of the best “I own my own business ideas” for those who live in exciting locations. Have you noticed lots of tourists wandering nearby? Create a local tourist service centre which will organise various activities. Arrange transfers, be a personal guide, help with accommodation, etc. Make sure to know at least one international language and pass through some training. 

    People will never teach how to solve all troubles. It means you’ll always have a chance to set up your own company. Our one person business ideas imply various services based on different skills. But there is nothing you cannot learn. Be diligent and persistent  – and you’ll get a deserved reward.  

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