September 9, 2022
Elliot Kairo

Business Ideas with Low Investment or How to Start an Affair With Little Money

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    Many people think that one needs a lot of money to start a business. They are partly right.  A good startup requires many investments. Nothing can ensure instant profits. But some businesses do not lead to significant expenses from the beginning. If you have got a willingness to become a businessperson, but your budget is tight, there are many options. Some of them appeared to be interesting enough to get to this article. Here is a list of 10 fabulous business ideas with low investment. But before we start, let us introduce you some facts that will boost your imagination and creativity:


    • People always want to eat.
    • They want to stay healthy.
    • They want to be beautiful.
    • They need to get clothes and shoes.
    • They will still have their cars breaking and dirty.
    • Everybody wants to travel and entertain.
    • There is always time for celebration.
    • For some people, animals and pets are the passion.

    Here is a little conclusion: the best business satisfies fundamental needs of clients. And they are not supposed to cost much to meet the goal.

    Small Investment Business Connected with Retail Sphere

    Selling goods is simpler than giving a service. If a product is popular, people will buy it anyway. Doing a small investment business in a retail sphere does not require severe learning. It does not require specialised knowledge as well. 

    Street Food

    This is a universal business idea. Instant, tasty and cheap meals are desired both in big cities and small towns. There are no limits for imagination. Do you like coffee? A small coffee shop is always relevant. Such meals as doner kebab, doughnuts, hot dogs have already conquered the world. One should expect an easy start, low expenses and small teams (1-2 persons) required. The only minus is strict license regulation. 

    Online Shopping 

    The Internet are has come. Online shopping had got to the top of various lists of new business ideas with low investment. You do not need to pay rental fees and look for the right place for a store. Somebody manages to run a shop from home. There should be no problems with goods as well. Many successful shops started with reselling Indian and Chinese cheap products. Your luck equals popularity and convenience of your site. 

    Pet Shops 

    As we mentioned, some people are obsessed with their pets. Selling animal food, toys, beds and clothes can be a great idea for low investment business. This market is not likely to be overcrowded, so there is always some room for a beginner. You can supply this business with some services: pet hotels, grooming, walking, etc. 


    No one can live without them. Selling them in a small local store can be a brilliant way to get rich. There is one peculiarity. With a high markup, clothes can bring much profit. You do not need much licensing. Online shops are not good in competition – we prefer to try something before buying. An only problem is a good place for a store. It should be an overcrowded locality or a shopping mall. 

    Hand Made 

    This is another member of a list of never dying business ideas with low investment. People will never dislike crafted goods. This is your chance to turn a hobby into money. This sphere does not require much knowledge, much room and licensing. On the opposite, you can always find new sources for inspiration. If your things are popular, expect high profits in a short-term outlook. 

    New Business Ideas with Low Investment Based on Services

    As a rule, service business ideas with low investment imply fulfilling daily duties. They do not require much knowledge but great organisational skills. If you think you are capable of being a leader for people, next five ideas should be your choice. Choose the best for yourself.

    Beauty Shop 

    As you may notice, almost every service business is aimed to serve women. Beauty shops are not an exception. All you need is some good advertising and skilled co-workers. Start with simple haircuts, peeling and epilation. You will not need to pass through severe licensing. When money begins staying in your pockets, start providing additional ways of treatment. 

    Cleaning and Gardening 

    Being one of the top small investment business ideas, this one can lift a scale to your favour. It has got some advantages: you do not need skilful employees, you do not need to pay rent, and your main expenses are consumables. It is useful both for cities and small towns. 


    People always seek for it. If you have got a good imagination, you can become a bright part of this sphere. Starting from paintball and finishing with poker rooms, everything is extremely popular right now. For instance, quest rooms have become one of the top new business ideas with low investment of 2018. 


    Starting your school is not that difficult. Of course, you will hardly lead a university with little money. But you can become a mediator between clients and coaches of all kinds. Additional education, language and crafting courses are desired by many people. 

    Promotion on the Internet 

    It is not as difficult as it sounds. You can hire one or two professional writers or designers, learn the principal regulations of search engine job and sell your services. Run a site and be ready for constant self-improvement. You can get big money in return, even without having own office.  

    These are our short investment business ideas. Honestly, the list can contain up to 500 various ideas. To start your affair, you do not need much money. All you need is imagination, diligence, luck and some passion. 

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